Self-Care Ideas for 2019

The first month of the new year is officially over after dragging on for about 1,000 days, and I have been doing a lot of reflection in figuring out what I want, and what I need in my life in order to feel happy and fulfilled. While there are many forms of self-care and everyone is different in what works best for them, the following ideas are things I do and enjoy when I need a little bit of time to reflect and take care of myself.

gift guide 2018.jpgNot only does a face mask help my skin feel and look great, but it also means I have fifteen minutes to relax and sit while it does its job. I am a person who really enjoys skincare, so this always makes me feel good. Sometimes, I even get crazy and take a bubble bath as well, but those are days when I’m really in need of a mood booster!


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Honestly, lighting a candle always makes me feel great. I could be busy, working on things, cleaning the house, or just watching T.V. — no matter what I’m doing, having a candle burning just makes me feel better. My home smells amazing, cozier and ultimately creates a warm environment I can relax in. (Check out my list of favorite Fall scents here.)


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Taking the time to sit back and open up a book is one of the most rewarding self-care options for myself personally, but, it’s also been the hardest for me to do. For some reason the past couple of years I have really slacked with reading. I went from reading 2-3 books a month to barely finishing 3 a year. It’s one of my goals for 2019 to start reading more, I’ve set a goal of 15 books for the year, and you can follow my progress on GoodReads. I don’t know why I started slacking but I do miss the high of finishing a book and getting lost between the pages.


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I used to hate cooking. Like, literally loathed it and would come up with any excuse possible to just eat out at a restaurant or order in… and then, something shifted. I started to take the time to explore flavors, and experiment by pushing myself to create something difficult I always thought would be impossible. And by taking the time to do that I created a hobby that I now enjoy and look forward to. Yes, there are still days when I look at my husband and say, ‘there’s no way I’m cooking today’. But, those days are few and far between. Not only do I get joy from making a delicious meal for us, but we also are saving money by not eating out every day, which in turn is helping us grow our futures.


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I love tarot and had the most amazing reading with a friend in January. It always gives me a reason to really look within myself and forces me to accept my faults, and accept when changes need to happen. While reading may not be something I can do all the time, it is a great self-care idea. Just remember that a tarot reading is not fortune telling — it’s for forced introspection. Cards can give you guidance in your life if you allow them to. And, I’ve also found a great daily tarot app you can use on your phone. It’s called Mystic Mondays and honestly, it has been wildly accurate! I love that it gives me a moment in the morning to reflect and prepare for the day.

Like I said above, these are things that work for me and allow me to take a moment for myself and to refocus my energy and motivations. Please share in the comments below what you do for self-care! I love hearing how others take care of themselves and getting new ideas for things I could do!