2019 Reading and Exhibitions List

I can’t believe that it’s officially 2019! I mean, 2018 had some really great moments but overall, I’m ready for a fresh start. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want in the new year. You’ll get to read more about new year goals and ideas for self-care in upcoming posts but I wanted to take a moment and share with you the art exhibitions I’m hoping to see in the upcoming year, and the books I want to read. (Take a moment to follow me on GoodReads as well!)


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Yes, I know this is not a new book, but I am yet to read it and I really want to (especially before I see the movie). Racism, police brutality, and class separation is something our country obviously has issues with today, and I have only seen great reviews. And, as a white woman, I believe it’s extremely important to imbibe more diversity in my book choices in order to develop a larger world-view.



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This is the fourth book in a series titled “Shatter Me”… I honestly didn’t know that a new book was going to be coming out and when it did I knew I needed it on my list. It’s a YA dystopian series so it deals with future ideas of extreme class separation, fighting for equality, and of course, there is a love story involved. But, while many YA love stories can feel corny, this one focuses much more on the main character’s journey to find herself and harness the power she holds.


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The final book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. I read the first two (Crazy Rich Asians & China Rich Girlfriend) in 2018 but just didn’t get around to finishing the series. Since I am now invested in these characters, I have to see it through! These books have introduced me to a lot of cultural differences and prejudices I didn’t know existed, or didn’t quite understand before, and does it in a way which absolutely sucks you in, and yes, does induce a tear or two, as well as outbursts of laughter (maybe don’t read it in public). I’m excited to read this book, but also a bit sad to leave these characters behind (until the next film).


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If you didn’t know, I used to manage a world-renowned glass blowing facility within an internationally recognized art Museum in Toledo, Ohio. While there I also curated a contemporary artist in residence program which worked with up and coming artists from all over, and from all different backgrounds to explore glass as a material to push their personal practice forward. I love glass, it’s delicate, yet hard, rigid. Modern, with ancient roots and has been evolving non-stop since the beginning of the contemporary studio glass movement which began in 1962 on the Toledo Museum of Art campus.

So, when I saw a press release for New Glass Now, I knew I had to plan a trip down to Corning to see it. This show is “A global survey designed to the show the breadth and depth of contemporary glassmaking, the exhibition will feature objects, installations, videos, and performances made in the last three years by 100 artists of 32 nationalities working in more than 25 countries.” (Corning Museum of Glass). I am so excited to see how these artists are pushing the material in new directions, and if you’re not too familiar with glass artwork, this is the perfect show to get to know what it can be… because it’s way more than a pretty vase.


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A married couple, Ruben (a sculptor/painter/illustrator) and Isabel (fashion designer) these artists collaborate to create bodies of work in synergy, blending industry and surrealism into creations that allow the viewer to engage themselves wholeheartedly. For this exhibition, the couple used the DIA’s permanent collection as inspiration for a new body of work which spans multiple gallery spaces and juxtaposes their work with the permanent collection, thus creating an immersive art experience for the visitor.


So, what’s on your list for 2019? Are there books your dying to read? Maybe an exhibition or just a Museum you’ve been wanting to see. Share with me in the comments below and let’s make 2019 all about doing what we love!