My Wedding Album

On the 18th of this past September, 2018, I got to say “I do” to my best friend. It was, in all honesty, and not to sound cheesy, the best day of my life. I met my husband while we were both working at a museum in Toledo. We became really great friends, and in 2015 we both went through breakups. We were friends through it all, and soon after becoming single, both realized we were actually much more than just friends. Really, the rest is history, we’ve been inseparable ever since we started dating. He truly is my best friend.

So, today I am sharing with you some highlight photos from our wedding day. We got married at the place we met, the Toledo Museum of Art. The ceremony was beautiful, surrounded by friends, family, and some of the most beautiful artworks in the world, we said our vows and began our future. After the ceremony, we moved the party to my childhood home and had a relaxed DIY reception in my parent’s backyard. There was a wood-fired pizza buffet, an open bar, and lots of dancing!

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of our wedding photos! Comment below, and let me know where you had your wedding, or if you’re not married, what is your dream wedding? Make sure to check out my Pinterest wedding boards for the inspiration we used on our big day!