Holiday Traditions with my Readers

I absolutely love the Holiday season. As I get older, I start trying to get into the spirit earlier and earlier. This year my tree went up the first week of November. Don’t hate… let me live Scrooge! In all honesty, this year has been hard for me and decorating early makes me feel better. I never feel cozier than when I have my tree on, a nice candle burning, and we can grab a cozy blanket and just watch movies.

When the tree goes up, that also means it’s time to start preparing for my favorite holiday traditions. Every year in my own home, I love to bake and decorate cookies, hand-make as many gifts as possible and watch Christmas movies (Elf is my favorite!). We also travel home for the holidays so not only do we get to make our own traditions, we get to still enjoy our favorite family ones as well.

My favorite family tradition is spending Christmas Eve with Mark’s family and then Christmas day with mine. We get to eat so much good food, drink all the drinks, spend quality time with all the people we love and honestly, just relax! Mark and I are still working on making our own traditions so I was curious to know what other people love about the holidays, so I asked my followers and they shared some of their favorite traditions!

Jessica: @jessanne216

  • When my sister is there! Also waking up on Christmas morning with my kids and opening presents together. I probably get more excited than them!
    • (side note: this is MY sister, haha)

Brittany: @bkipple

  • We go to Frankenmuth every year for Christmas. Every time we are there, our daughter picks out a new ornament. I love when we decorate and then remember the years she picked each out.

Pat: @celticpaisley

  • Watching everyone open their gifts, giving gifts, making a big family dinner, making at least 5 different kinds of cookies, having my family all together, and Uncle Bill bags.
    • (I agree, Uncle Bill bags are the BEST!)

Becca: @beccawelch

  • Secret Santa! No limits!

Katie: @kpintoledo

  • We have a breakfast casserole that I only make on Christmas morning. We also eat Chinese on Christmas Eve to be like the movie, The Christmas Story. Come to think of it, all of our traditions involve food

Cathy: @clincorvaia

  • Homemade Christmas gifts!


  • Fritos with bacon & horseradish dip!


  • Pajamas to be opened Christmas Eve to be worn that night; my Mom did that for us as kids. It tied us over till the next morning.
    • My mom does this too and I look forward to it every year!


  • When it was time to put up the Christmas tree we always had hot chocolate made with cocoa and of course marshmallows.


I can’t wait to continue growing and building traditions with Mark! So, what are some of your favorite Holiday traditions? Share with me in the comments!