CBD’s for Chronic Pain

Living with endometriosis means that I have chronic pain. And living with chronic pain means treating your chronic pain. For me personally, and for many others, I’m not interested in popping pills every time I’m having pain.

I don’t like pills, I never have, so, that means I have had to do a lot of searching for other treatment options for my pain. Of course, I love my heating pad for really bad days but often the pain is so intrusive that I can’t participate in daily life. (As a disclaimer; Right now I am treating my endometriosis with birth control. I’m lucky enough to have found one which has been working pretty well to control my pain, however, I still have really bad days, and lots of breakthrough pain to deal with).

About a year ago, I started treating my pain with CBD oils and salves. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol – which is an organic ingredient derived from hemp. It is also a main component found in marijuana, however, you don’t need to smoke pot for pain relief (unless you want to). The CBD treatments I will be talking about have removed the THC, meaning, you don’t get high. CBD’s have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties.


Plenty Relief – Concentrated hemp oil 600mg. ($90.00)


I use this oil when I’m having lots of pain. I place about 5-7 drops under my tongue and it provides me with enough relief to relax. Often I will still have dull pain but the full nagging, and sharp pains will subside. This oil is also great for my anxiety and allows me to calm down naturally without having to use Xanax or other medications. It also has a great spearmint flavor so it’s easy to take



Mary’s Nutritionals – Elite CBD Compound 100mg ($50.00)

Okay, I love this product. I can apply directly to the skin and pinpoint pain areas, it also has the most lovely and calming menthol scent. I was probably the most skeptical about this product but I was offered a sample in the store and I was amazed. Within 5 minutes of applying this product, I felt the pain ease and my muscles relax. This is one product I will always recommend and always want in my medicine cabinet. It’s also great for stress! Just apply a small amount and massage into the back of your neck for a really relaxing treatment before bed.

***The two products above I purchased at Plenty Pharma in Loveland, CO.


Bootleg Bucha – Hemp Kombucha (pre-order case $42.00 available in 3 flavors)

I have been drinking Bootleg Bucha since moving to Buffalo in November. So, when I heard that they were coming out with a Hemp Bucha with CBD’s I knew I had to get my hands on some. They dropped the launch on 4/20 (pretty cheeky guys!) and so far people are loving the product. When I spoke with Todd Salansky of Bootleg Bucha, he said he’s been getting responses that the kombucha has helped with arthritis relief after one bottle!

They add CBD’s by introducing hemp leaves to the brewing process and their products are still new and undergoing testing to discover the exact amounts of CBD in them. They are also a certified hemp research facility which allows them to test, make, and sell the product. They are not shipping or supplying to retailers at this time, so pre-order your case now! This is a great everyday drink, and for me, it provided pain relief on a particularly bad day and I gotta say, I felt relaxed after drinking it!


I love CBD’s because they provide the right amount of pain relief for my situation at the moment. As I mentioned above I am also treating my condition with a hormonal birth control and my needs may change when that is no longer the case. I cannot confirm whether or not any of these CBD products will help with your ailments. Treatments for chronic illness/pain is a very personal journey and one you have to go on alone, but I hope that my experience can be helpful for you along the way.

As a note, there is still some debate as to what CBD’s are legal and where they are legal in the United States. CBDs derived from hemp are legal, but CBDs derived from marijuana are not legal in all states because they may still contain trace levels of THC. If you’re interested in using CBD’s at home please do your research and if at all possible – purchase and support local businesses!