Date Night at Home

Saving money can be hard. We all love a good ‘Treat Yo’Self’ night… or weekend. But when I moved and we went down to a 1 income household we both knew that we needed to cut back on the going out and do a little more spending time in. Trust me, sometimes it’s super difficult – ya girl likes a good night out with dinner and drinks, and that shit can get expensive. So, how do you do a date night in and keep the quality and spirit of going out alive?

Well, there are actually a lot of ways to indulge while staying in but here are a few of my favorite ways to have a night in.


Cooking together is one of my favorite ways to stay in. Granted, we do it all the time because we are trying to save money for a wedding but, there are ways to make it more special for nights when you really want to connect. Find a recipe that looks delicious but intimidates the hell out of you and just go for it. You might find that making a difficult recipe while working with the one you love is extremely rewarding. The food always tastes better when you pour yourself into it… or you might want to kill each other… who knows – super exciting! Here are some ideas to browse.

Build a fort

Maybe this sounds stupid to you, but honestly, I don’t care. Being in a relationship is fun – and hanging out in a fort is fucking fun. So, grab all your extra blankets, pillows and some chairs for supports and get to building. If you’re feeling super extra build it around your bed and spend the night… doing whatever in your fort. Or, build it in front of the TV, pop some popcorn and have a movie night. You could even eat that super classy meal you just made in the fort.

Game night

There are plenty of board/card games that only require 2 people to play. My personal favorite is Uno… it’s easy, fun, and you can raise the stakes if you want to (strip uno? sure, why the hell not, you’re adults, right?) Don’t like board games? Well challenge your partner to a night of video games, or make up your own game (think ‘True American’ from New Girl). It’s almost a guarantee you’ll have fun if you act like a kid for a while.


Like alcohol? Yeah, me too. Get creative during date night and try a new cocktail or beer. There are tons of drink mix ideas on Pinterest, check out my inspiration board here.  Or, stop by a local brewery and get a growler of something you wanted to try, instead of buying your usual 6-pack from the grocery store. Also, you can use this idea in every single date night mentioned above.

So go ahead, date at home, save a little money and have a ton of fun! What’s your favorite date-night-in activity?

xo co