Salon Envy & New Beauty Trends

So, beauty… a subject that I absolutely LOVE. But, I have to admit that when it comes to seeing professionals for beauty needs, I generally am a more DIY kind of girl. So, when I, along with a select few other bloggers, had the opportunity to visit *Salon Envy in North Tonawanda I jumped at it!



Let me start by saying that Salon Envy is so cute! Exposed brick, chandeliers, and plush couches make for a comfortable and relaxing environment to hang out and socialize while getting beautiful. On this particular night we had the opportunity to learn from pros Faces by Shiloh, Permanent Beauty by Audrey, and Theresa and Natalie of Salon Envy. We were able to experience organic spray tans, brow consultations, mini makeovers, wash and styles, and watch a demo of tape-in extensions (which I may need to try at some point).

I decided to try the spray tan, as I had never had one before and honestly… I always feel better with a tan. Audrey took me back to the booth and explained that the South Seas spray tan was plant based and paraben-free. She also told me that they are also cruelty free and do not test on animals. This is something I am extremely passionate about and it solidified my decision that night to test out the tan.

Audrey sprayed me down and was extremely thorough in making sure I was covered
(without being drenched) and she also took time to contour in specific places which.. since I’ve been slacking on the workouts is nice! After the tan was done, she inspected her work to check for drips or missed spots. Explained that I wanted to wait to shower until the next morning. And when I did shower, to not scrub and use an alcohol-free lotion after (she actually recommended just to use coconut oil, which I did).



This is a photo of me before the tan and after. As you can see in the first photo I have a full face of makeup including a full-coverage foundation, contour and extra bronzer. In the second photo however I only used a small amount of concealer under my eyes. I feel like my skin looks healthy, glowy, and I absolutely love it – even if I look like a super moody emo kid in that photo. I’ve been raving about my tan skin to everyone – I even Face timed my mom to show her!

#BuffaloBeauty2018 was a success, I learned a lot, met some really awesome ladies, and got spray tanned by the amazing Audrey! I will most definitely be seeing her again, and I’ve even mentioned it to my sister as an idea for my bachelorette party weekend. So, what are some of your favorite beauty trends for 2018?

*Salon Envy is located at : 16 Webster Street, North Tonawanda, New York


xo co