Getting to know Me

Hi lovelies! I know you’ve all missed me – this week I was dealing with a bit of the winter blues and wasn’t feeling very motivated to write. But, I’m feeling a bit better after some much needed one on one time with my fiancé. Plus, this week I get to go home to visit my family, and I am SO excited! It’s been nearly two months since I’ve seen them and being away from my nieces and nephew (especially during our family’s birthday season) has been a little rough.

So, today I have decided to share with you aa few things about me! I hope that you all stick with me through my blogging journey and I’d like to be as honest as possible along the way. I am also hoping that maybe some of the facts I reveal about myself will help me form connections in this community and we can learn from each other!

Here we go… today I’m giving away 5 facts you may not know about me!

  1. I love dachshunds… okay, maybe love is not a strong enough word so let me re-phrase that. I am OBSESSED with dachshunds. Right now I have the most beautiful little nugget, named Agnes. She is a short haired chocolate and fawn, miniature dachshund. My obsession began around the age of 5… don’t ask me how it started because I don’t know. I just know every year from the age of 5 onward, my birthday wish was for a dachshund puppy. I had the joy of getting my first at the age of 18! Agnes is such a joy in my life (even when she’s being neurotic), and I can’t picture my life without a dachshund by my side.
  2. Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) runs in my family, and as a kid my mom noticed a small curve in my spine and took me to our family orthopaedic surgeon where I was officially diagnosed with scoliosis. Unfortunately my scoliosis was very bad and continued progressing and at the age of 13, I underwent a spinal fusion with rib osteotomy to correct the curve. I have titanium rods on either side of my spine to keep it straight. Surgery was a horrible experience, especially at that age but without it, my spine would have continued to curve and twist – causing major damage and potentially puncturing my lungs.
  3. I have endometriosis… (really getting into the medical stuff today, huh?). It’s estimated that nearly 1 in 10 women have this disease, yet it takes on average 7-10 years for women to receive a proper diagnosis. I saw 4 (spanning about 5 years) before I found a OB-GYN who took my symptoms seriously (very painful periods, insanely heavy bleeding, rupturing cysts, and constant pain). I won’t go into too much detail here, because I’ll be sharing a longer post on the subject in the new year. But, if you would like to learn more about endometriosis follow this link.
  4. I have a B.A. in Art History (modern & contemporary art and architecture concentration) and an M.A. in Arts Administration. I spent 7 years working for a world-class museum as a senior-level manager and recently left that position to make my move to Buffalo. I love art, and have since I was a small child. I am hoping to continue my work in the arts and you will see more arts related posts on my blog as well. I am passionate that art is for everyone!
  5. The final fact for today about me… oh man, is the anticipation killing you yet? Okay, well here it is… I love tattoos. Right now I have 9 tattoos (some are part of a partial sleeve, but are separate ideas), and I plan on getting more and more and more… as soon as I find the budget for it. My favorite artist is who has done most of the artwork on my body and his name is Brian Finn and you can find him in Toledo, Ohio at Infinite Art (seriously, they’re all amazing there too!). While everyone has an opinion on tattoos, mine is that they are works of art, and I can’t picture my life without them – and yes, I will be super proud of them even when I’m old and wrinkled up, but I’ll never be too wrinkled because.. Botox.

So, there you have it. 5 really amazing, totally awesome facts about me! Do you have any experiences with scoliosis, or endometriosis? Or, do you have a love of dachshunds – or any other dog? How many tattoos do you have, or do you absolutely hate them? What’s your favorite work of art, or museum? Comment below, and let’s start a conversation.


xo co